January 1, 2019


Dear Everyone Out There:

As you can see, I’m jump-starting my blog again. Not going to name it anything this time, just Stephen Foreman’s blog. I remember hoping, decades ago, that one day I’d reach a point where if I wanted to write about a blade of grass I would. Am I finally there? There are those days, yes, although not always quite enough of them. That said, I want to put out a lot of stuff on a somewhat regular basis, some short, some long, some fiction, some non-fiction, some funny, some not, some Hollywood, some not, some you might hate, some you might not. Why? It’s what I do. Keeps me out of trouble.

Another reason to resuscitate this thing: as I approach an age I n...

December 23, 2018

Like the record – remember the record? the 78? – post Edison/pre 45? - some might whisper, behind my back, of course, that I am an antique, out of date, scratchy, fragile. They don’t like the way I sound any more. Personally, as those who know me may attest, this is not my preferred way of looking at things, not on most days, anyway, certainly not on my birthday, which day is today. Let’s think in mercantile terms. I’d like to believe I’m a “collectible”, something with some value, something to be kept around, like an old globe of the world or a civil war musket or a cherrywood dictionary stand, or even some less significant chotchky, like an old railroad spike or a bird’s nest, may...

December 4, 2018

Thirty-one years ago (1989) the following essay – On Being An Older Father - was published in Newsweek. I’m re-printing it here as preface to a new one: On Being An Older Grandfather.
On Being An Older Father

Recently, at the wedding of the daughter of a close friend, a thought struck me: "My God," I said to my wife, "When our kid gets married, we're going to be so old we'll have to have  it catered by Meals‑On‑Wheels!" My son, you see, is only two.  When he is thirteen, I will be sixty, and the twenty‑first  century will be here. You can do the rest of the arithmetic  yourself. I'll tell you this, however: it's a strange thing to suddenly find yourself reading the o...

March 22, 2017

My novel will be released on March 28.

You can buy it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

March 12, 2017

An old buddy from high school suggested I read from my newest novel Journey at his synagogue's book club in Florida. The stipulations were that the writer must be Jewish and the book needed to have a Jewish theme. Well, I am Jewish, so that was one problem solved. However, I couldn't honestly or dishonestly say there was anything Jewish about my book.

He said to think about it. I did, and here is what came to mind:

"The Influence of Judaism in Journey".

While I cannot pretend that “Journey” is a book about Jews it is, as is all my work, an example of the guiding principle of my entire life – Tikkun Olam – my attempt to help repair the world. My principles, my concern for social justic...

February 26, 2017

Esau Burdock
New Orleans, Louisiana
November 18, 1833

Esau Burdock sat on the balcony of his hotel room overlooking the street, with his muddy boots up on the wrought iron railing. It was 10 p.m. and black. The stars were fiery pellets flung across the sky by the fistful. He was tired,but couldn’t close his eyes for the show. He’d seen these showers before — every year,in fact — but all of them were pale beside this one. People were taking note of it. Some wondered if it were the end of the world. One heard wails and lamentations,but one also heard horns and exclamations of wonder.The entire state of Louisiana was fixed and in its thrall. Not even the blind could look away. He had c...

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