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Author Stephen Foreman's electrifying JOURNEY takes us on a wild, emotional ride with three mesmerizing, unforgettable characters in the Old West of the 1830s.


Stephen's prowess as both an author and screenwriter are in full display as we actually see and feel every moment of the adventure. Unlike most westerns, the title character of JOURNEY is a courageous, irrepressible young woman whose indomitable spirit comes alive like a flaming arrow on each page.


Set against the backdrop of social challenges such as slavery and intolerance that still resonate today, JOURNEY is a spellbinding page turner that reminds us of how captivating a great story and characters can be in the hands of a master story teller. What a great book--can't wait to the see the movie!!!

Stephen Simon
Film producer--Somewhere in Time, What Dreams May Come, All The Right Moves

About Stephen Foreman

Stephen lives  and writes in the Spruceton Valley of the northern Catskill Mountains with his wife and partner of 38 years, the actress, Jamie Donnelly.


My office, cluttered with keepsakes and chotzkies - fossils, minerals, a hornet’s nest, an Apache tomahawk, petrified wood, and a Masai sword are but a sample -  resembles the contents of the pockets of a ten year old farmboy.

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